Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Virtualization & Cloud Computing


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Goals and Objective:
This workshop offers a general overview of virtualization technologies with a series of practical labs, during which participants will create and manipulate virtual machines on the desktop using VirtualBox,create and manipulate virtual machines on the server using KVM and libvirt,network configuation with OpenVswitch,manipulate file and block based virtual images and work with live VM migration between hosts,Create high availability virtualization server clusters using LizardFS.Participants will also create linux containers LXC with reliable filesystem ZFS with replication,cloning,roleback,export and import containers. The workshop aims to provide participants with virtualization solutions using free software and help them understand the different parts of a hypervisor, including storage management, networking, memory management, as well as linux container technologies (lightweight virtualization).

Target Audience:
Systems and network administrators that want to know more about virtualization technologies in general, and learn how to build high availability clusters.

Basic knowledge of the UNIX command line and IP networking is required.

Course Outline:

  • Virtualization overview
  • Desktop Virtualization (VirtualBox)
  • KVM and libvirt
  • OpenVswitch configuration
  • High Availability with LizardFS
  • KVM Live migration
  • Instance creating using ISO images
  • Instance creation using VMDK images
  • Automated Instance creation
  • LXC linux container
  • LXC with ZFS file system
  • LXC container replication
  • OpenVswitch private network configuration between LXCs

Other Requirement:
It is highly recommended that participants bring their own laptop computers with a free partition of 200GB to practice the lessons during the workshop. Software: PuTTY,Ubuntu or Linux mint

Maximum number of attendee:
36 participants per workshop.

Participants Group Photo: